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Welcome to the Netherworlds. Welcome to the official website of Holland's first ever death /trash metalband est. 1984.

When THANATOS emerged in the metal scene of the early80's of the previous century, ‘metalheads’ were still more or lessseen as outcasts. Both the fans and the music itself were raw, unpolished and there was a huge ‘us against the world’ feeling. We were at war with the establishment, organised religion anddisco. The latter turned out to be the least dangerous enemy,but hey, we’re talking about the eighties, right?!

The current metal scene has lost a lot of its rough edges. A lotof bands have adopted a polished, plastic sound and a somewhat happy, politically correct attitude. Thank god, or rather Satan, for bands that still choose to go against the grain, stir up some controversy and never let go of the ‘us against theworld/fuck the mainstream!’ attitude.  


After 18 years of loyal service, our bass player Marco de Bruin has decided to part ways with the band. We’d like to thank him for his hard work and dedication throughout the years and we wish Marco all the best with possible future projects that may arise on his continuing journey down the left-hand path.  Read more



This Fall Dead By Dawn Records from Belgium will release a limited edition 7 inch single (black and blue vinyl) featuring re-recorded versions of two ancient Thanatos tracks, originally written and recorded in 1983/1984 for our very first demo tape ‘Speed Kills’.

Both ,,Blind Obedience” and ,,Thanatos” were re-recorded earlier this year, featuring original guitarist and founder member Remco de Maaijer, and will be available on vinyl for the first time ever!

Pre-order links will be up on our Facebook page and webstore soon! 


News update April 15 2019

First of all we’d like to thank everyone for showing up at our more or less sold out anniversary show at Baroeg, Rotterdam last month! We definitely had a blast and this was a night to remember for sure! 

Video footage of the show will be uploaded in the next couple of months. See pictures.

As announced earlier the ‘THANATOLOGY: TERROR FROM THE VAULT’ 2-CD set will be out April 22nd 2019 on Memento Mori records.

You can pre-order the CD and the accompanying ‘TERROR FROM THE VAULT’ t-shirt now via our webstore:

--------------------------------Press release Listenable Records March 14 2019----------------------------------

LISTENABLE welcomes Dutch Death Metal pioneers THANATOS in their ranks. 

THANATOS, Holland’s first ever Death/Thrash Metal band has become an illustrious name that has been haunting the Underground Metal scene for decades and is now celebrating their 35th anniversary in 2019 .  The band has always maintained a consistent quality over their entire catalog with their authentic brand of unrelenting death thrash metal - staying true to their initial merciless madness, faithfully unleashing frenetic hooks, crushing straight forward dynamics and original visceral brutality wrapped up in a massive production as the main killing components.

Stephan Gebédi comments:

« When THANATOS emerged in 1984, Metal was still raw and unpolished and there was a strong ‘us against the world’ feeling amongst both bands and fans. We were at war with the establishment, organised religion and mainstream music. The current metal scene has lost a lot of its rough edges.

A lot of bands have adopted a polished,plastic sound and a somewhat pleasant, politically correct attitude.Thank god, or rather Satan, for bands that still choose to go against the grain,stir up some controversy and never let go of the original feeling. »

Following their 2014 album ‘Global purification’, the band will never show mercy and are currently writing new material for a brand new full length album of another display of pure violent death thrash madness, to be released in early 2020.



News update March 7 2019
Memento Mori records just released this teaser for the upcoming compilation album:  "Blind Obedience" was originally included in the band's first demo, "Speed Kills" (1984), and this is a special re-recorded version from 2019, featuring former guitar player Remco de Maaijer as guest musician.
See news page.

Thanatos and Memento Mori Records unveil the cover art of the upcoming 2-CD compilation album “Thanatology: Terror From The Vault” due to be released April 22nd, 2019.

See news page.


News update January 2018

Best belated New Year’s wishes to all of you!

Instead of looking back at 2018 we’d rather look ahead to 2019 as we have a lot of good news to tell you! We will be celebrating our 35th anniversary this year and we’re going to do it in style! 

• First of all, we have a show coming up at the EMA Fest Part 2in Emden, Germany on February 15th, ( followed by a special 35th anniversary show at Baroeg, Rotterdam on March 16th. 

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